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Sunday, August 17th 2008

10:04 AM


We did it -- we got out of the state of Florida for a few days! Our niece up in Buffalo got married last weekend, so we went up for that and snuck across the border a couple of times into Canada to see Niagara Falls and all the other neat stuff kept tucked up in American's Attic. Just kidding, Canada! I LOVE Canada, whether I'm out west in Alberta's amazong Rockies, or even further west in the beautiful city of Vancouver, or east in Ontario, as we were last week. It's a beautiful country, and Canadians are just so NICE!

I grew up in the Northeast, but this was my first trip to Niagara Falls. I expected to be impressed, but I was blown away, especially when we rode to the base of the Horseshoe Falls on the Maid Of the Mist. If you really want to experience the tremendous power of the falls, you have to ride the Maid of the Mist. It was like being in a scene from a disaster movie, and I half expected to be swallowed up by the walls of water at any moment. It's an awesome experience! Exhilarating!

The Horseshoe Falls (Canada side) seen from the top of the Skylon Tower across the street. Pay no attention to the dates on these pictures -- that's just me not knowing how to work my camera!

American Falls from the Skylon Tower

Looking downriver from the Horseshoe Falls


Me on the Canada side, American Falls in the background

The Skylon Tower, modeled after the Sky Needle in Toronto

Lunching across the street from the Falls

On the Maid of the Mist. Yes, we look funny in our rain ponchos, but yes, WE NEEDED THEM!!

Moving into the Horshoe, although not quite all the way in yet. We had to put away our camera as we moved closer to the Falls or they would have been ruined by the water. It hits you in sheets, almost like being outside in a hurricane. Really wild, heart-pumping FUN!! A trip to Niagara Falls is not complete without a trip on the Maid of the Mist!

Double Rainbows on the ride back to Buffalo

Rainbow over downtown Buffalo.

We also had a wonderful time seeing family again, and the wedding was lots of fun. But speaking of hurricanes, we're back in Florida and whaddaya know, we're watching the advisories on Tropical Storm, possibly Hurricane, Fay. She's forecasted to hit the west coast of Florida and we'll probably only experience the outer bands of wind and yuck, but as the news reporters keep drilling into us, we are in the "cone of death" as we fondly refer to it, and one never knows for sure how the storm track might waver as it gets closer. We can't do anything but stock up on a few supplies (because no matter what, we stand a good chance of losing power over the next couple of days) and wait and see what happens. Should have stayed in Buffalo!!!

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