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Monday, August 18th 2008

7:05 AM


Well, it would appear we're not going to escape Fay as easily as we thought. Apparently, even though the center of the storm, or the eye if it were better organized, is going to pass over Florida's west coast, all the worst weather is on the eastern side -- which will pass right over South Florida. Fay hasn't even arrived yet, and already our screened-in porch has begun to flood and my husband just went outside now that the first rain-band has passed to lower the pool level. It also means that the first day of school today was cancelled and probably tomorrow as well. Up north they get snow days, we get hurricane days.

The good news is that as long as people stay off the roads (please South Floridians, STAY HOME TODAY!!), Fay shouldn't be life-threatened or cause much property damage except possibly where there's flooding. The other good news is that the expected 5-10 inches of rain should bring Lake Okeechobee -- for those of you who don't know, our main source of water -- back up to acceptable levels after a really bad drought. Hey, there are reasons Mother Nature does what she does. She just never promised she'd make it convenient for us.

So, my fellow Floridians, be safe, be smart, don't do anything stupid and hey, enjoy some time at home reading a good book! If storms make you nervous, open a nice bottle of wine.


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