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Friday, November 28th 2008

7:54 PM


It's getting late, but I thought I'd have a bit of a rant while I'm still in the mood. I was just watching Lord of the Rings -- silly of me really, since I own all three movies, but it happened to be on so I tuned in. I love those movies and I get totally engrossed in them, but every few minutes little people who are definitely not Hobbits appeared at the bottom of the screen (actually, one would lower down on a rope) advertising whatever the hell happened to be on next. And let me tell you, when I'm watching something epic like Lord of the Rings, I couldn't give a flying $#@% what's on next. But I've noticed this sort of blatant intrusion happening with alarming frequency these days with just about everything that's on TV, and not only is it extremely irritating, I find it downright offensive. Obviously, the programmers have no respect for the fact that people might actually be caught up in a show or movie and NOT want to be distracted by some inane advertising gimmick that yanks you right out of the story you're watching. It's like reading a book and having someone constantly trying to carry on a conversation with you. And excuse me, but this was on a cable channel, which we have to pay for. I have to pay to be insulted and annoyed?
Am I alone in feeling this way?
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Posted by Toni Andrews:

Oh, I HATE these. And some of them are huge, and animated. I think I even saw the one you're talking about with the rope!
Thursday, December 4th 2008 @ 8:28 AM